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Air Conditioning

As against the general notion that air conditioners in cars only regulate temperature and humidity, they also keep the car interiors pollutant-free. It thus becomes essential to up-keep their functioning, typically before the summers arrive.

While an extensive air conditioning Aldershot service is imperative, it is also prudent to go for checks at periodic intervals.

So, whenever your car air conditioning system is in need of professional assistance, drive down to G Force Tyres without giving it a second thought. Here are some of the common faults with the air conditioning system of your car that require immediate attention.

Signs of a dysfunctional car AC

The following issues call for a prompt car air conditioning Aldershot service.

Increased humidity level

The primary function of a car AC is to maintain an optimum humidity level. If you observe condensed water droplets on windshields and windows, water accumulating on the floorboard, etc., be sure that the air con is malfunctioning.

Bring your vehicle to G Force Tyres if such ominous signs appear.

Reduced cooling efficiency

A dysfunctional air conditioning system reduces the cooling efficiency. You may also experience hot air coming out from the air conditioning vents. This might happen due to refrigerant leakage, compressor breakdown, inefficient blower motor, etc.

Drive down to our facility in case you experience any of the above-mentioned signs. Our technicians will service the air conditioner with precision in no time. We will also perform a car air con gas refill in Aldershot, if required.

Pungent smell in the interiors

At times, excess moisture accumulating in the air conditioning system can lead to fungal evolution. It is the prime reason why you experience unwanted smell inside your car. It can also happen if the cabin filters have turned quite old and dirty.

While it can hinder the optimum performance of the car AC, a fungal growth can also lead to allergies. It is thus ideal to go for car air conditioning Aldershot services at set intervals.

G Force Tyres at your service for all car care needs

With years of experience in providing automobile repair and replacement services, our facility at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DD has acquired a name for itself. You can avail of repairing and replacement services of multiple other car parts across various makes and models at our workshop.

So, stop Googling - car AC repairing services near me – and visit us whenever you are in need. We would be happy to help.

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