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Are you looking for Alloy Wheel for your vehicle?

The automotive markets of the United Kingdom and the world are currently dominated by alloy wheels. Unlike metal wheels, alloys - made from either magnesium or aluminium - provide longevity, durability and add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

All said, there are frequent complaints of alloy wheel damages as well. Chipping, corrosion, curb damage and cracks are some of these common causative elements of such damages.

At G Force Tyres, we specialise in mending damaged alloy wheels Aldershot. We follow an industry-specified, systematic approach for this work. Our remarkable success in these procedures over the years has attracted a large clientele from neighbouring Farnham and Camberley too.


How are alloy wheels damaged?

The most significant reason why alloy wheels, often simply called alloys, are easily damaged or dented is poor driving habits. Our technicians also often witness damages to the alloys brought on by poor road conditions.

THere are some common reparations, their causes and their solutions that our technicians at G Force Tyres provide.

Signs of Damaged Wheels

Damage 1: Cracks

Caused by: Impacts with other vehicles or hard road debris like stone chips. Cracks may also appear due to cheaper or inferior models.

Solutions: Our teams will first weld the affected parts, followed by machining it for correction. G Force Tyres uses high-grade aluminium for machining as it provides strength and prevention against corrosion, thanks to its oxidised outer layer.

Note that any visible damage to the wheel’s spoke or its bead seat cannot be repaired to factory standards. You will have to replace these wheels. You can also buy new car tyres in Aldershot from our facility. We store OEM-grade replacements from most well-known brands.

Damage 2: Corrosion

Caused by: Brake dust, exposure to corrosive chemicals and even some tyre sealants can be responsible.

Solutions: Our technicians are trained to handle such issues with precision. We will first procure colour-matched OEM-grade paint for your alloy wheels in Aldershot. Low-quality or non-colour-matched paints take the sheen off your car’s alloys.

This paint is applied after priming and other repairs. We also employ high-quality paint adhesion technology for long-lasting results.

Damage 3: Curb damage

Caused by: Rash driving, debris impact and also when you drive on a flat tyre.

Solutions: Our veteran technicians conduct a minute visual inspection followed by priming and painting using colour-matched paint. Note that our technicians will also clear-coat the alloy.

At times, however, you must replace your car’s wheels altogether. Being a responsible facility, G Force Tyres will inform you if your car’s alloys are beyond repair.

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If you have visited other facilities for fixing your vehicle’s alloy wheels Aldershot without any success, bring it to G Force Tyres. Additionally, if you are searching ‘tyres near me’ over the internet to fit on your alloy wheels, look no further as we have the broadest range of new tyres at our facility in Hampshire!

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