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Your car’s battery is its heart. If the battery fails to deliver the right amount of electricity, your vehicle will not start. Most modern cars have also made it almost impossible to jumpstart a battery, especially as a new generation of hybrid cars make their way into the market.

Therefore, you need to take adequate care of your vehicle’s cells.

If you live in or around Aldershot and need a new car battery, feel free to drop into our facility - G Force Tyres. We are a long-time automobile sales and services establishment. Over the years, we have been blessed with a sizeable clientele.


At G Force Tyres, we are also experts in car batteries replacement in Aldershot.

Can’t I replace a battery at home?

Before we begin, our technicians would like to lay down two quick points -

  1. Modern car batteries are fully sealed units. They come mostly in 12V models as that is the preferred choice of most passenger cars.
  2. Since they are sealed, many people and DIY-enthusiasts reckon that they can replace a battery by themselves. That, however, is a dangerous idea. There is a substantial volume of acid - mainly H2SO4 - inside. Even a small splash could cause severe epidermal burns.

That is why you should rely only on experienced service bays like G Force Tyres, known for selling and servicing car batteries in Aldershot for decades.

When do you need a battery replacement?

You must consider car batteries replacement in Aldershot if any of these issues crop up.

  • Engine cranks slowly: No matter how many times you try and turn the ignition key, your car will not start. Even if it does, you will notice a distinct sluggish crank. It indicates that your car’s battery life is nearing its end.
  • Check engine light comes on intermittently: Whenever the battery is weakening, it inadvertently triggers the ‘check engine light.’ Even a ‘low coolant light’ may start blinking though there is enough coolant left.
  • Bloated battery case: Excessive heat, overuse and chemical decomposition inside the battery are all responsible for this abnormality. You must visit our garage for a new car battery in Aldershot.
  • Battery age: Any battery that is over 5 years old is unsafe. While many people across the United Kingdom do not abide by this rule-of-the-thumb, most experts suggest that you go for an emergency car batteries replacement in Aldershot if the unit has expired.

Are you searching – “battery repairing services near me”?

Visit G Force Tyres at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DD on any working day. You will find some of the most renowned brands at our facility. You can also check our website’s other sections for more exhaustive details.

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