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Are you looking for the Brake Services for your vehicle?

We do not need to tell you how critical your car’s braking mechanism is to your safety. Brake failure, which is one of the primary reasons for accidents in the United Kingdom, is surely something to avoid at all costs. That’s why we advise our customers to have their car brakes checked and serviced at regular intervals to keep nasty surprises at bay.

Apart from regular check-ups, you can also visit our brake repairing garage in Aldershot when you notice anything out of character in its mechanism.

While you can assuredly leave your car’s brake repair and replacement in Aldershot to us at G Force Tyres, what you need to do is keep an eye for any indication of the brake mechanism going kaput.


How to know if brakes need repair?

1. Screeching sound

One of the most common signs that your brake pads need to be replaced is a shrill, screeching sound that occurs when you apply your brakes. Do you know what makes that sound? There’s a tiny metallic shim called an indicator, which is attached to your car’s brake pads, that makes the screech. This indicator is specifically to alarm you to a brake pad wear, which is when you should visit our brake repairing garage in Aldershot.

2. Thinness of brake pad

Another way you can learn whether your car’s brake is reaching the end of its lifespan is by inspecting the thickness of the brake pad. To do so, see through your vehicle’s wheel spores to see the brake pad, which is pressed against the brake rotor. Ideally, there ought to be a minimum of 1/4th of an inch of pad. If it’s less than a quarter-inch, then perhaps it is time to avail brake replacement services in Aldershot.

3. Compromised responsiveness

In case your vehicle is not responding as it should or as it did when you apply the brake pedals, or if the pedal’s sinking, it could indicate a fluid leak in the braking mechanism. Or, it could also be an air leak in the brake hose.

An easy way you can tell if there’s a brake fluid leak is by seeing if puddles are forming when your car stays parked. In any case, you can bring your car down to our facility in Aldershot for a quick diagnosis and servicing.

4. Pulling to one side

When you apply your car’s brakes, if you notice it pulling to one side, it could be an indication of uneven brake lining wear. Or else, it could also mean that there’s some foreign particle in the brake fluid. Either way, you need to bring your car to our brake repair garage in Aldershot for inspection.

Why us?

At G Force Tyres, we are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities along with skilled and experienced technicians to ensure top-notch service pronto. While our services are something to reckon with, our costs aren’t.

So, bring your car down to our facility at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DD and let us bring your searches for brake repairing garage near me to an end.

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