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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?

When your car’s check engine light or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) turns on, it’s time to visit your nearest auto repair shop. A thorough diagnostic service will reveal why the indicator is on.

At G Force Tyres, we offer the most premier services for car diagnostics in Aldershot. Irrespective of the issue your car is having, our technicians will identify address the same in a jiffy.


How does card diagnostic services work?

All cars, manufactured after the 1980s, came with the on-board diagnostic’s system or OBD. Later, during the mid-1990s, this was upgraded to OBD-II.

An OBD is essentially made up of several components like sensors and actuators. These send information about how your car is performing to an engine control unit or ECU. If any of the sensor or actuator locates an issue, it will report the same to the ECU. The ECU will then trigger the check engine light.

If you can’t identify the reasons why the MIL is on, then you must bring your vehicle to our facility for a car diagnostic test in Aldershot.


How do our technicians diagnose car problems?

An ECU is connected to a diagnostic link connector or DLC, which is essentially a port for connecting a scanner tool. When a scanner is connected to the DLC, the ECU sends diagnostic trouble codes or DTCs. By reading these DTCs, our technicians will learn the reasons behind the illumination of the check engine light.

Common reasons why the check engine light is on

  • Failing spark plug or ignition coil
  • The electricity that a spark plug requires to ignite the fuel and air mixture is generated by an ignition coil. Damaged spark plugs or ignition coils can be a reason for multiple concerns, a misfiring engine, being one of them. Do note that there will not be any spark plug or ignition coil present if you drive a diesel car.

  • Faulty catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is part of your car’s exhaust system. It converts the carbon monoxide produced during internal combustion into hydrocarbons and water vapour.

A faulty catalytic converter can be a big reason to worry and may not leave your car worth driving. Hence, if your vehicle’s MIL is on, bring it at once to our workshop for car diagnostics in Aldershot.

  • Damaged oxygen sensor

An oxygen sensor is also a component of your car’s exhaust system that measures the oxygen content in the fuel. If there is excess air in it, then it is termed as a rich mixture; the opposite is a lean mixture.

Depending on the oxygen sensor’s information, the ECU controls fuel flow to the engine to achieve proper mileage.

A damaged oxygen sensor will lower your car’s fuel economy. Hence, it needs to be taken care of at the earliest.

For proper car diagnostics in Aldershot, you need to visit our garage and leave your vehicle at our expert hands.

Car diagnostic services at G Force Tyres

If you are searching car diagnostics near me online, then it’s time to stop. We provide some of the best services in town to help you avoid spending a substantial amount on repairs or replacements that can be avoided.

When you see the check engine light is on, make sure to drive your car to our facility immediately.

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