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When we talk about a car’s exhaust, it’s usually the tailpipe that everyone refers to. However, there is more to an exhaust system than meets the eye.

Your vehicle’s exhaust is an amalgamation of several components that work in unison to expel the fumes. A minor fault in it can cause severe problems and lead to more significant ones.

That’s why we at G Force Tyres are here to make things easier for you. We are a premier exhaust servicing garage in Aldershot and can address any such problem with expertise.

Understanding your car’s exhaust system

Before knowing about the exhaust-related problems to look out for, know more about an exhaust system.

A car’s exhaust has these components –

  1. Exhaust manifold – It is the initial component of an exhaust system that is attached to the engine via the cylinder head. An exhaust manifold’s job is to collect the gasses from a cylinder head into one pipe.
  2. Catalytic converter – It converts the harmful gases like carbon monoxide produced by internal combustion into water vapour and hydrocarbons.
  3. Oxygen sensor – As the name suggests, it reads the oxygen content in the fuel and determines whether it is rich or lean. If the fuel has more air, then it is a rich mixture, while the opposite is a lean mixture. It sends this information to the engine control unit (ECU), which then regulates the quantity of fuel entering the engine to maintain efficiency.
  4. Muffler – It reduces the sounds emitted during internal combustion. Soundwaves, when travelling through a muffler, reflect and cancel each other out, thereby reducing noise emissions.
  5. Exhaust pipe – Last but not least is the exhaust pipe that expels the fumes produced by your car.

A problem with any of these components can lead to critical, minor or major problems. In such situations, you need to bring your vehicle to our shop for exhaust repairing services in Aldershot.

Common problems with an exhaust system –

1. Decreasing fuel economy

If you have recently noticed that your car does not provide the standard mileage, then there might be a problem with its exhaust system. Any issues will cause it to exert more pressure to work, thereby consuming more fuel.

Make sure to bring your car to our exhaust servicing garage in Aldershot if you notice reduced fuel economy.

2. Reducing acceleration

If you sense a decline in your car’s acceleration, then its exhaust may be to blame for this issue. We can help rectify any malfunction, restoring the vehicle’s original capacity to accelerate.

3. Excessive noise from the engine

One of the most common problems of a failing exhaust system is an extremely noisy engine. Usually, leakage in the exhaust is a primary reason behind such noise. Bring your vehicle to our exhaust servicing garage in Aldershot for quick resolution of these issues.

Bring your vehicle to our shop for quick resolutions

At G Force Tyres, we have a team of professional technicians who can solve all car related issues with efficacy. Thus, it is time that you stopped searching - exhaust servicing near me – and bring your vehicle to our shop at the earliest.

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