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Are you looking for Gearbox Repair for your vehicle?


An automobile’s gearbox, usually the second stage after clutch in the transmission system, needs thorough maintenance to ensure a smooth driving experience. Regardless of whether your car is equipped with automatic transmission or manual, the gearbox is crucial as it has a range of gear options for multiple driving conditions.

A malfunctioning gearbox means that you are driving on a bad transmission, which is not at all recommended. In case the metal shavings find their way into the coolant, you are looking at unnecessary expensive repairs!

Hence, if you come across any symptoms of a failing gearbox, we recommend you to go for professional gearbox repair Aldershot. For unmatched service in Aldershot, G Force Tyres is your one-stop solution. Our team, backed by years of experience, can assess the exact faults with the gearbox and then repair the same safely with specialised repairing equipment.

Common symptoms of gearbox trouble

Take a look at the following gearbox issues that plague both manual and automatic transmission cars:

  • Clunking noise from the transmission:
  • A properly working gearbox means that your vehicle will start without any unusual noises. However, if you hear an odd buzzing or humming noise coming from the transmission, seek professional assistance for gearbox repair Aldershot to avoid any further damage.

  • Delayed response:
  • Whether it is automatic transmission or manual, switching gears must be smooth and instantaneous. If you notice a delayed response following a gear switch, there is a possible issue with your automobile’s gearbox that should be inspected at the earliest.

  • Fluid leak:
  • Gearboxes have internal plumbing that is designed to deliver oil to the gear mesh and bearings along with controlling pressure. Thus, any fault in the gearbox is usually reflected in the form of an oil leak.

  • Noisy Neutral:
  • Your car should not be making any rattling sound while in neutral. If so, you should consider availing swift and efficient gearbox repairing service Aldershot from an authorised repairing garage.

  • Burning smell:
  • For starters, a burning smell coming from any part of your car is a matter of concern. But generally, you are more likely to perceive a burning smell due to overheating of the transmission fluid. It is an indication that the vehicle’s gearbox is defective and needs immediate attention.

  • Dashboard warning light turns on:
  • If the engine light on the dashboard illuminates, it possibly indicates that the transmission fluid is overheated and the coolant level is insufficient.

If you are searching “gearbox repairing centre near me”, you have possibly come across any of the issues mentioned above. There is no need to fret as our experts have the answers to all your car gearbox troubles.

Why us?

At G Force Tyres, you can avail professional gearbox repair Aldershot in a jiffy and efficiently. Regardless of the issue, feel free to visit our facility at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, GU12 4DD, UK. Alternatively, you can call us on 01252323077 or 01252312609.

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