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Run Flat Tyres

Midway tyre punctures are a recurring and pervasive issue that vehicle owners come across. In such scenarios, run-flat tyres come in handy to drive the vehicle to safety for repair. These tyres have a sturdier sidewall that supports safe driving even with a puncture or a pressure loss.

At G Force Tyres, we stock up a range of run-flat tyres in Aldershot to make driving convenient for you. Today, most prominent tyre manufacturers also have their range of run-flat models, and our collection boasts the best of these.

Run-flats from recognised brands

Most vehicles today come with a run-flat tyre pre-installed. So, if your car does not already carry one, reach out to us for the best run-flat tyres for your vehicle model. Products stocked up at our garage are affordable and properly labelled.

Your vehicle’s compatibility with a set of tyres is also critical. You must reach out to professionals while buying a new pair. So, bring your vehicle to us for the best fit.

Our stock of run-flat car tyres in Aldershot is uncompromised on quality, ensuring long-lasting performance. The best models in our collection comprise tyres from top-notch brands such as –

  • Dunlop Tyres
  • Continental Tyres
  • Goodyear Tyres
  • Michelin Tyres
  • Bridgestone Tyres
  • , and many more.
Now that you know where to go to buy run-flat tyres in Aldershot, here are some more details on these run-flats.

Types of run-flat tyres

Designed to sustain driving even under low tyre pressure, run-flats also provide long-lasting driving experience at high speeds. Thanks to tyre manufacturers incorporating new technologies, these tyres are more sustainable than ever today.

Here are the primary types of run-flat car tyres in Aldershot -

  • Auxiliary support run-flats
  • Among the best types of run-flats, auxiliary support tyres come with an insert or a support ring fixed additionally for high-speed driving. These are often used in armoured vehicles.

  • Self-support run-flats
  • Among the earliest run-flat tyre models, they were manufactured to avoid blow-outs. Their modern versions are most commonly used in heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Self-sealing run-flats
  • These run-flats come with an added lining that seals itself in the case of punctures or leaks. Garages also use tyre sealants to bring out this effect on existing tyres.

    Based on your vehicle, you can take a pick of run-flat tyres in Aldershot and proceed to purchase online or at our garage.

Why us?

At G Force Tyres, we bring a wide range of tyre collections from across prominent brands, including run-flats, to help you select the best. With our collection boasting a wide range of sizes and specifications, be assured of finding the right fit for your vehicle model, fulfilling your “tyre near me” searches.

Alongside, we also provide tyre mounting, repair, and routine checks apart from other peripheral services. Visit us at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DD for your one-stop solution to all car maintenance, servicing and repairing issues.

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