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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


Summers in the United Kingdom are characterised by intense humidity and inconsistent showers. During this season, the roads may remain dry for a few days between two bouts of rainfall. Therefore, you need a set of tyres for your car that can adapt to both dry and wet road conditions.

Summer tyres in Aldershot are the best choice for driving during this time of the year. These tyres are specifically manufactured, keeping in mind the seasonal quirks of the English summer. They can maximise the performance of your car across wet and dry tarmacs.

Composed of a dry rubber compound, the best summer tyres in UK eliminate aquaplaning and help your car build more traction.

When looking for summer car tyres in Aldershot, come down to G Force Tyres. We have an extensive inventory of products from some of the most renowned brands.

Why should you use summer tyres?

Summer tyres are the perfect fit for your car in the period extending between June and August. Listed below are some of the characteristics of summer car tyres in Aldershot, which increase their usefulness during this particular season.

  • Summer tyres are made from a hard rubber compound, which is perfect for driving when the temperatures soar. This rubber softens when the temperature rises, developing excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Apart from the tyre material, summer tyres in Aldershot come with specialised treads and grooves. The tread bars are perfect for resisting the effects of hydroplaning, easily dispersing water that accumulates between the road surface and the tyres.
  • You should buy summer tyres in Aldershot to maximise your fuel efficiency in the summer months. These tyres greatly limit friction, thereby allowing your vehicle to move more easily expending minimum amount of fuel.
  • Most summer tyres come with block-shaped treads, which leave a substantial footprint on roads. This particular feature improves the handling and control of your vehicle. The braking function also improves dramatically because of such tread patterns.

G Force Tyres stocks a wide range of summer tyres from popular manufacturers, including Michelin, Pirelli, Maxxis, Bridgestone and many more. Nevertheless, remember that summer tyres are only suitable for temperatures above 7° C. If you plan to drive in colder conditions, winter tyres would be the better bet.

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Approach us now if you wish to purchase new summer tyres in Aldershot or for other car-related products and services.

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