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Are you looking for Transmission Service for your vehicle?


The transmission system, one of the most important arrangements of a vehicle, must function optimally for a hassle-free driving experience. The system, automatic or manual, relays power from the engine to the wheels.

Thus, driving a car with a malfunctioning transmission can compromise your vehicle’s performance. If the faults are too severe, driving the car can be quite dangerous as well. Hence, it becomes inevitable to avail transmission service Aldershot.

For that, you can turn to G Force Tyres without thinking twice as we are a leading transmission servicing garage in Aldershot. From removing transmission fluid to filter replacement, our experts provide unmatched amenities under one roof.

Indicators of a failing transmission

One needs professional help for diagnosing the exact problem. Following are some signs of transmission trouble common to both automatic and manual cars:

Transmission does not stay in gear:

If your car doesn’t move even when you put it into gear, problems could lay with its transmission system, fluid, shifter cable or the system’s valve body (for automatic).

Unusually high-revving engine:

If your vehicle’s engine revs too high, it indicates low transmission fluid or worn out parts inside the system.

Check engine light turns on:

If the check engine light illuminates, take it seriously as it might indicate transmission fluid overheating, slipping transmission or even issues with the solenoid and speed sensors.

In addition to those issues mentioned above, faults with the manual transmission system include grinding gears and problems with the clutch’s hydraulic system. Regardless of the issues, G Force Tyres makes transmission service Aldershot prompt and effective.

What does a transmission service include?

Our expert technicians ensure top-notch transmission repairs by proving all-inclusive services that boost your car’s overall performance. Some of the most sought-after services are detailed below:

  • Automatic transmission fluid exchange:
  • The automatic transmission fluid lubricates gears in the transmission and must be changed periodically. Our professionals drain out the old fluid and then refill the system with fresh and clean one. They will also check your vehicle’s transmission drain plug’s integrity before refilling.

  • Automatic transmission filter replacement:
  • : Filters removes dirt, metal particles and other particulate matter from the circulating fluid. With time, filters tend to get clogged. Our experts can replace an old filter in a jiffy. Moreover, they also replace the gasket material, if needed, before reinstalling the transmission pan.

  • Manual transmission service:
  • A manual transmission system is thoroughly serviced by first evacuating the transmission fluid completely and then refilling it with high-grade fluid as specified by your car’s manufacturer.

Sounds good? Then stop your search for “transmission repair service near me” and come to G Force Tyres. Book an appointment with our expert by calling on 01252323077 or 01252312609. Alternatively, you can also visit our workshop any day.

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