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Dayton Tyres is a sub-brand of the iconic Japanese tyre major - Bridgestone. While they are known mostly for manufacturing tyres for heavy vehicles, their passenger car models are no pushovers.

Their popularity is increasing rapidly across the United Kingdom due to their superlative performance and affordable prices.

At G Force Tyres, we retail the latest Dayton tyres in Aldershot. Ever since companies like Renault, Toyota and Ford started using Dayton’s models as OE, or advised car-owners to use these models as OE-grade replacements, we have been flooded with enquiries regarding Dayton’s range.

The company manufactures summer, winter and all-season wheels, besides a smaller range of high-performance tyres.

Dayton’s top-selling models

G Force Tyres has seen these models gain an advantage over their rivals in terms of popularity and sales volumes.

Summer tyre models

  • Dayton D320: The D320s are the flagship Dayton car tyres in Aldershot for summers. They have a symmetric tread design which impressively lowers fuel consumption and are capable of superb acceleration on dry stretches of road. These are ideal for traditional hatchbacks and mid-size cars in the suburbs.

Winter tyre models

Dayton has a wider range of winter wheels, most of which are very popular passenger car tyres in Aldershot and neighbouring towns.

  • Dayton DT30: The DT30 is unique as it possesses 4 primary grooves in an otherwise standard asymmetric design. These grooves help resist aquaplaning, making this model ideal for smoother and faster drives even on icy roads. Of all the Dayton tyres in Aldershot that we sell, this is the best model for the colder months.

4x4 models

  • Dayton H/T 100: This is Dayton’s answer to the class leaders in SUV tyre markets across Europe. It offers several features, including noise reduction, thanks to a ‘block pitch variation’ across the centre of the tyre, plus a continuous central rib which provides it with better grip.

You can buy Dayton tyres in Aldershot from our facility, G Force Tyres. We store all the above mentioned models and a lot more.

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