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The Firestone group, one of the world’s largest and most decorated tyre companies, was founded in 1900 in Akron, Ohio. The city of Akron has been described as the “Rubber Capital of the World” since it houses several tyre manufacturers, including Goodyear.

Named after founder Harvey Firestone, this 120-year-old giant is now owned by Bridgestone Corporation of Japan.

Firestone tyres are known around the world for their reliability, variety and consistent innovation. They sell widely across Europe including the United Kingdom.

If you are looking to buy Firestone tyres in Aldershot, visit our facility, G Force Tyres. We are the leading retailers of several iconic brands in Hampshire County.

Bestselling Firestone models

Firestone tyres in Aldershot arrive in several different variants. The company has a global supply chain, and is renowned for its summer, winter, all-season, UHP and run-flat models.

At G Force Tyres, we have noticed that the following models command the most attention and are in constant demand.

For summers

  • Firehawk Indy 500: The Firehawk range has always attracted attention because of their bold and stunning designs. The latest Indy 500 model comes with unique tread design which aids in achieving superior acceleration better wet-road control at an attractive price tag. It is already one of the fastest-selling Firestone tyres in Aldershot.
  • Firehawk Wide Oval RFT: This model is the last word in driving comfort, fine-tuned dry plus wet grip, and its racing-car pedigree. Its run-flat nature makes it doubly attractive. Suburban drivers who desire a quiet and hassle-free ride more often than not select this variant from our range of Firestone car tyres in Aldershot.

For winters

  • Winterforce 2: Following the success of the Winterforce 1, Firestone added this model to their inventory some years back. It is capable of rolling efficiently even on extreme snow, slush, mud and ice. Its asymmetric tread blocks also last longer than its competitors. Besides, it costs substantially less than comparable models.
  • Winterforce CV: This is a van tyre model. Its patented sawtooth sipes provide added traction. Capable of handling heavy loads, the Winterforce CV is also noted for its 5-rib tread design, something that no other competing model boasts of. You can buy these Firestone tyres in Aldershot from our facility or book online via our website.

For all-season use

  • Weathergrip: The Weathergrip model is ‘3 Peak Mountain’ certified, making it usable on icy and tricky roads. It is available in a number of rim sizes. This is easily one of the most advanced all-weather car tyres in Aldershot.

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