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Although not as popular in the United Kingdom as Pirelli or Michelin, you would be wrong to assume Hankook as some local tyre manufacturer. This South Korean giant, established in 1941, is the seventh-largest tyre-manufacturing brand in the world today.

Due to their superior products, Hankook tyres have found favour in motorsports event across Europe, Asia and North America. In 2019, the company intensified its partnership with FIA Formula 4 in Great Britain and Spain.

If you are looking for Hankook tyres in Aldershot, you have stumbled onto the right place. Nevertheless, picking the perfect tyre for your car involves a bit of knowhow. We at G Force Tyres can help you in this regard.

Popular tyre models from Hankook

Listed below are some of the most well-liked Hankook car tyres in Aldershot –

1. Ventus V12 Evo 2 K120

If you own a high-end luxury or sports car, this is the perfect tyre for your vehicle. With a silica tread compound, these Hankook tyres in Aldershot can provide superior traction on both dry and wet boulevards. A special aqua jet groove on these tyres can collect and disperse surface water swiftly, ensuring better grip on the wet streets.

2. Ventus Prime 2 – K115

If you are interested in summer car tyres in Aldershot, the Ventus Prime 2 – K115 is one of the best choices. A specialised compound used to build the tyre reduces fuel-consumption, while also upgrading the braking performance of your vehicle. The tyre is just as impressive in maintaining traction on wet surfaces.

3. Kinergy Eco K425

If you are someone who backs environmental friendly products, the Kinergy Eco K425 should be an ideal upgrade for your car. Low fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions are two features that you can look forward to with these tyres.

4. Optimo K415

Traction and grip can be problematic, especially in wet conditions. The Optimo K415 is equipped with an effective solution to drain water, ensuring perfect grip even in the wettest of roads. Additionally, if you buy such Hankook tyres in Aldershot, you can also take advantage of its low take-off noise as well.

Where can you buy Hankook tyres in Aldershot?

Are you searching – “tyres near me”? We can save you the trouble. G Force Tyres is the best place in Aldershot to purchase tyres, apart from undertaking car modifications and repairs. We stock a wide variety of tyres, including summer, winter and all-season ones.

If you are short on time and cannot drop in to our garage physically, you can order tyres from our website as well.

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