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Maxxis initially made its name as a two-wheeler tyre manufacturing company. Even today, most people believe that this brand is responsible for the production of bicycle and motorcycle tyres only. However, Maxxis tyres cater to the car tyre industry as well.

Branching out to other vehicles, apart from bikes and cycles, has allowed Maxxis to become the ninth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Today, the company’s reach extends to 180 countries, encompassing Europe, Asia and North America.

You can easily locate Maxxis tyres in Aldershot at G Force Tyres. Our garage holds several models of this company, each suitable for different road conditions and vehicles.

Top Maxxis car tyres in Aldershot

If you are looking to buy Maxxis tyres in Aldershot, consider the following popular models available in the company’s catalogue.

  • Victra Sport 5 VS5
  • The Victra Sport 5’s performance is comparable to premium tyres. Thankfully, the price tag associated with this tyre is much more affordable than those high-end products.

    This model is suitable for summer drives, ensuring optimal traction across dry and wet surfaces. Additionally, you can also expect superior braking performance from these tyres as well, thereby maximising safety and comfort for the driver.

  • Premitra 5 HP5
  • Another summer tyre that is comparable to premium products in the market, the Premitra 5 HP5 is an impressive piece to consider. Its all-round performance capabilities make it an ideal purchase for almost any vehicle.

  • Bravo HP-M3
  • If you own and drive an SUV, you need to mount special tyres on the rims. The Bravo HP-M3 is one of the best fit in the market for these heavier cars.

    These tyres are designed with precision to improve aquaplaning resistance, dispersing water rapidly. With such tyres, you can expect the highest degree of stability, even at higher speeds.

  • Mecotra ME3
  • Opt for Mecotra ME3 from Maxxis if you drive a smaller vehicle. It is ideal when you are looking for enhanced fuel-efficiency from your car.

  • Premitra All-Season AP3

Your search for all-season Maxxis tyres in Aldershot ends with the Premitra All-Season AP3 model. The tyres are ideal, especially when you consider Britain’s unpredictable weather. Whether conditions are dry or wet or snowy, this all-season product can handle every terrain with equally expertise.

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Are you facing difficulty finding Maxxis tyres in Aldershot? You should visit G Force Tyres at 183 Ash Road , Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DD for all your tyre-related needs.

We offer fast and reliable services, along with impeccable repairs on your vehicle. To simplify matters, you can order tyres online through our official website.

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