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Car owners in the United Kingdom are well-familiar with Michelin. The tyre-manufacturing giant from France is one of the most revered tyre producers in the world. Michelin is the second-largest manufacturer of tyres globally, after Bridgestone. The company’s UK operations were established in 1905. At present, it is very common to see cars with Michelin tyres in Aldershot, with the brand being a trusted name here.

Aldershot residents can drop by at G Force Tyres to browse the diverse Michelin tyres in stock. We carry a vast stock of summer, winter and all-season tyres from this reputed brand.

Best Michelin products

Michelin produces several tyres, some of which cater to passenger cars while others are more suitable for 4X4, SUVs and vans. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, here are some of the most popular Michelin car tyres in # city.

  • Primacy 4
  • SUV, 4x4 and passenger car owners in the UK often pick the Primacy 4 as their preferred summer tyre. Michelin claims that the tyre’s safety rating remains unchanged whether it is brand new or worn out. Composed of a unique rubber compound, these car tyres in Aldershot can maintain impressive traction in summer conditions.

    Additionally, each such tyre sports a treadwear indicator that helps in understanding when you need to change these wheels.

  • Pilot Sport 4
  • Another summer tyre from the French wheel maker, the Pilot Sport 4 is only suitable for passenger vehicles. Some of its high-end features include Dynamic Response technology, which increases handling and steering control significantly. When you buy Michelin tyres in Aldershot, especially this model, you can expect superior performance on wet roads as well.

  • Alpin 6
  • If you want to test your vehicle’s performance on snow-laden roads, you need the best set of winter tyres for the job. The Alpin 6 is just such a product that can maximise efficiency and handling in extreme conditions. Michelin’s Evergrip Technology allows these tyres to reduce braking distance while also improving traction on snow and ice.

  • CrossClimate+

At G Force Tyres, we also stock all-season Michelin products that allow comfortable drives throughout the year, regardless of the road conditions. The CrossClimate+ offers excellent performance on dry and wet roads, making it the perfect pick if you want to avoid seasonal tyre changes.

Additionally, using Michelin tyres in Aldershot, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, is likely to boost your car’s fuel economy. Moreover, with enhanced durability, the manufacturer claims that such tyres last almost 11,000 miles; more than most of its other competitors.

Choosing the best seller

Picking the best tyres from Michelin is just the first step. You should also determine the best place to purchase Michelin tyres in Aldershot. G Force Tyres provides quality tyre refitting services, along with stocking the most diverse selection of these products.

Rather than spending time searching ‘tyres near me’ on the internet, you can instead visit our garage’s website. Place your orders online if you want the set of tyres to be delivered at your doorstep.

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