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Nexen was originally established in 1942 under the name Heung-A Tire Company. In 2000, the company underwent a change in name, adopting its current moniker from its previous Woosung Tire title.

If you are looking for Nexen tyres in Aldershot, pay G Force Tyres a visit. We stock some of the best makes of the company; you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Top Nexen car tyres in Aldershot

  • N’fera Primus
  • If you seek the top notch performance from your vehicle, choosing the N’fera Primus should fulfil all your specific requirements. Being a summer tyre, it offers impeccable traction and handling both on wet and dry tarmacs.

  • N’blue HD Plus
  • Daily commuters need to focus on two factors when looking to buy Nexen car tyres in Aldershot – safety and fuel economy. With excellent wet and dry performance, the N’blue HD Plus ranks amongst the best summer tyres in the markets today. This tyre can decrease fuel consumption significantly, owing to lower rolling resistance.

  • Roadian MTX
  • If you plan to traverse both summer and winter terrains, the Roadian should be the perfect fit for your vehicle. This all-season 4x4 tyre from Nexen is built for snowy and wet off-road conditions.

    Therefore, those looking for a suitable SUV tyre for improved traction and gripping experience should pick this model of Nexen tyres in Aldershot.

  • N’blue 4 Season

Specifically designed for premium performance under European weather conditions, the N’blue 4 Season is one of the most affordable all-season options you have. The tyre maintains its superior performance throughout the year.

Where to buy Nexen tyres?

At G Force Tyres, we store a wide variety of tyres from several renowned brands. Instead of scouring the internet for ‘tyres near me’, you can save time by visiting our service centre at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4DD.

If you wish to purchase Nexen tyres in Aldershot, you can also log in to our official website and book the model that you prefer. Doing so saves you time by letting you avoid visiting our garage personally.

Apart from tyres, we also stock additional car spares, ensuring optimal ride quality and comfort every time.

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