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Pirelli is currently the 7th largest tyre manufacturer in the world, with presence in nearly 160 countries. It has 19 manufacturing plants in 12 countries and the company has two production facilities in the UK alone.

Being one of the most sought-after tyre brands in the country, G Force Tyres is a proud seller of Pirelli tyres in Aldershot. We have an extensive collection of tyres that can suit every vehicle, whether it is a passenger car, SUV/4x4, or even a van. Not only that, but we also store tyres for all seasons.

Some of the Pirelli car tyres in Aldershot that our professionals recommend are mentioned below –

  • P Zero
  • Pirelli’s P Zero is a family of summer tyres for passenger cars and SUVs. These sporty tyres are ideal for those who are looking for better performance.

    The P Zero, one of the tyres in this family, comes with three longitudinal grooves that help reduce aquaplaning owing to rapid water drainage. This tyre also has an S-shaped tread design that improves braking performance when cornering.

  • Cinturato
  • The Cinturato is another family of summer tyre for passenger cars. These Pirelli tyres in Aldershot are best suited for passenger cars.

    The Cinturato P7 is one of the run-flat tyres in this series. It is built based on the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) that reduces noise emission while driving. This tyre also employs Seal Inside technology that allows you to keep driving your car without losing air pressure after a puncture.

    Similar to the P Zero, the Cinturato P7 comes with four longitudinal grooves for better aquaplaning. It also has compact central blocks that give you more control over your car, especially when cornering.

  • Winter Sottozero
  • The Winter Sottozero, as the name suggests, is a class of winter tyres from Pirelli. These are ideal for passenger cars and are also run-flat in nature.

    Winter Sottozero 3 Pirelli tyres in Aldershot is what our technicians recommend for driving in colder climates. It comprises a specialised compound that keeps the tyre rubber supple even during extreme cold. Additionally, the 3D sipe technology in Sottozero ensures shorter braking distance while driving.

  • Cinturato All Season Plus
  • If you are looking for an all-season tyre for you passenger car or SUV in Aldershot, then the Cinturato All Season Plus is an ideal choice.

    This tyre also comes with 3D sipe and Seal Inside technology. Additionally, the directional tread pattern ensures that you get the right control and braking over wet roads. It is made from a new tread compound to give you more safety over wet and snowy surfaces.

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