A guide to All season tyres and its comparison with others.

Are you confused about what all season tyres are? And how to choose which type of tyres will suit best for you? Here in this guide we will give you a complete review about all season tyres, their uses, and how to choose the perfect type of tyres for yourself.

What are All Season Tyres?

It is a blend of both winter tyres and summer tyres which is adapted to work in both sunny and snowy weather. They are designed to work well in both conditions and are convenient for some people who can’t afford two types of tyres in different seasons.


Here is a list of benefits you can get from All Season Tyres:

  • Easy to drive because of cornering and strong traction in both weather conditions.
  • Provides you good driving experience all around the year.
  • Save you money by no need of swapping tyres twice a year.
  • Consisting of high density grooves provide grip to tyres even in extremely cold weather.
  • Some tyres are also produced in such a way that it makes less noise.

Why are all- season tyres are better than the other two?

Tread depth:

It is one of the main features that make it stand out from all the other tyres. They have moderate tread depth that is thinner than the winter tread depth and thicker than the summer tread depth. Making it convenient for both of the seasons.

Comfortable ride:

Components and materials used in the manufacture of all season tyres are quite comfortable and quite making it perfect for riding.

Life span:

Tread life of it is long lasting as compared to the other two types of tyres. Because of thicker tread it becomes long lasting.


  Summer tyres Winter tyres All season tyres
Suitable for summer
Suitable for winter
Long lasting


Now you know everything about all season tyres and their comparison with other types of tyres. So you can make a choice according to your feasibility.