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Summer Tyres; Facts you need to know about summer tyres:, Have you ever heard of the term summer tyres? Or are you wondering what it actually is? Why should you use it over other types of tyres? There are plenty of questions in your head. So we put together this blog to tell you everything you needed to know about it.

What is Summer Tyres ?

They are types of tyres that are designed to be used in 7°C + temperature offering all around performance. You can use summer tyres all the time of year if weather and road conditions don’t cause damage to it. They have large tread blocks and few sipes.


Here is a list of benefits you can get by using summer tyres.

Why should you use summer tyres over others?

Here is why you should prioritize it:

Tread composition and structure:

It is made of a reliable rubber compound that keeps them flexible during hot summer weather.Summer Tyres,  They have shallow depth tread and broad groves. Hence improving the grip.

Comfort level:

They are made of rubber, which means they provide better quality. Hence giving a comfortable drive.

Fuel consumption:

They are designed to be handled on dry roads at high temperatures. Reduced rolling resistance allows your vehicle to move faster consuming less fuel.

Easy handling:

They have enhanced handling. Rubber compound in combination with broader tread blocks improve road contact area and provide easy handling.

You can store your summer tyres during winter weather to prevent damage. It should never be stored  in open air. Store it at a place that is cool, dry and ventilated. Now you know everything about summer tyres and its benefits, you can choose according to your choice and weather conditions of your place.