Facts you need to know about winter tyres., Are you wondering what winter tyre actually is? And how do they work? What is the difference between summer tyres and winter tyres?  Here is the answer to all these questions.

What are winter tyres ?

The types of   Tyres which are designed to use when temperature is lower than 7°C and roads are slippery. They are not ice tyre or snow tyre. But much more effective on snow and ice than summer tyres.

You needed winter tyres if:

  • You live in a place where the temperature is 7°C or less.
  • There is a high chance of snow at your place.
  • You depend on your vehicle in cold weather.
  • Its compulsory in your country.

How do they work??

They are different from summer types in a few ways.

  • Tread pattern having many grooves and sipes.
  • Made of a compound that is rich in silica so that they can stay soft in intense winter too.
  • Their rubber is designed to vibrate during movement so that if there is any stuck snow it can be shaken out.


Here is list of benefits you can get from winter tyres:

  • Their rubber remains soft during cold weather too.
  • Wider and larger treads help it improve grip on the road and remove any snow or moisture on the surface.
  • Brakes work well with excellent grips on snow.
  • Extra deep treads disperse extra water and improve handling.

Can you use winter tyres in summer?

It is never recommended to use winter tyres in summer. Because their material is suitable and manufactured according to winter conditions. If you use it during summer it may cause damage to your tyre.

Now you know everything about winter tyres and their benefits. You can choose a tyre according to weather conditions at your place and your choices.