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The MOT or the Ministry of Transport test is an annual assessment that all motor vehicles plying on the roads in the United Kingdom need to undergo. This test comprises assessments of a vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety as well as compliance with emission standards that the country maintains.


When is the MOT test necessary?

If it has been 3 years since your vehicle’s registration, you can bring it down to G Force Tyres’ facility for an MOT check in Aldershot. Apart from that, it is also necessary to acquire an MOT certification if it has been a year since your vehicle’s last assessment. Note that in Northern Ireland, the first MOT assessment is necessary after 4 years of registration.

Since an MOT certification is only valid for 1 year, it is mandatory to go through an assessment every year to ply the roads in the UK legally. The definition of roads in this context is per the description in the Road Traffic Act, 1988.

Our facility is not only authorised to conduct an MOT in Aldershot but is also one of the most popular and extensive car repairs & services centres in this suburban region.

Why is the MOT test necessary?

You might find an annual assessment after 3 years of registration encumbering. So, let us tell you why it is necessary.

Typically, after 3 years of continual use, the roadworthiness of a vehicle diminishes. Plus, the vehicle might not be safe to drive after that period because of over-exhaustion. If that is the case and your vehicle is not checked by a trained professional, you might unwillingly put yourself and other passengers in your car at risk.

What’s more, emissions that your vehicle produces might not meet the standards, and that implies environmental harmfulness.

Thus, when you bring your car to our facility for an MOT check in Aldershot, our trained professionals examine these aspects in great details to ensure that your vehicle is legally eligible to roll on the UK roads.

Upon passing the test, you receive a VT20 certificate, which remains valid for a year. While examining your vehicle, if our testers find that it is not meeting the MOT standards, you will be issued a VT30 certificate with a detailed summarisation of why your vehicle failed the assessment.

Googling – “MOT checker near me”?

G Force Tyres in Aldershot is one of the 20,000 odd testers in the United Kingdom authorised to provide an MOT certificate. Beyond that, we provide exceptional car repairing services and sell OE-grade spares.

So, in case your vehicle is issued a VT30 certificate, you can rest assure that our expert team of technicians will fix those shortcomings to ensure a VT20 in the next assessment.

Our technicians will also quickly check MOT history of your vehicle to identify any aspect of your car that might be compromised and attend to it using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. We will also inspect individual parts and mechanisms in your vehicle outside the scope of MOT to ensure that your car is at the top of its health.

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