Your car insurance would be void without a recent MOT Service in Ash vale. Driving without one puts you at risk of receiving a £1,000 fine and six to eight penalty points on your license. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you will be responsible for the costs if you have an accident without a current MOT certificate. More money will probably be spent on this claim than on the MOT test you failed. Additionally, if you are found guilty of operating a vehicle without a valid certificate, your insurance rates may increase when it comes time to renew.

Why Should You Get a Service and MOT?

The justification for getting a MOT Service in Ash vale is fairly straightforward: having an up-to-date MOT certificate for your vehicle is required by law. Driving a car without a MOT is not only against the law, but it will also void your insurance.

Is a Car Service Required by Law?

Although having a service is not required by law, having it on a regular basis is very important for the following reasons:

Safety: Over time, wear and tear accumulate, so just because your car seems OK doesn’t indicate everything is fine. Regular maintenance can reveal hidden problems and give you confidence that your car is now secure and fit for the road.

Increased resale value: When you decide to sell your car, showing proof of regular maintenance by providing a complete service history is likely to draw in more buyers who will be willing to pay more for a well-kept vehicle.

Saving money: Delaying getting a service will cost more in the long term than getting it right away. Regular maintenance can help find problems before they become expensive and difficult to fix.

Increased vehicle lifespan: If you want to maintain your car for a long period, regular maintenance is essential. Your car will certainly live longer if you take better care of it.