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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

A flat tyre, also known as a punctured tyre, occurs when a pneumatic radial tyre loses air pressure, forcing the wheel rim to contact the ground or the tyre tread. This can result in tyre damage that cannot be repaired or a loss of vehicle control.

The degree of its danger

You must gradually slow down and stop on one side of the road if you have a flat tyre. If you keep going, you could end up destroying the wheel or, if the speed is high and you lose control, you could cause a fatal collision.

Why do tyres puncture?

Most frequently, a foreign object entering the tyre causes a puncture (for example, a nail). Similar impacts, such going over a pothole or bumping against a kerb, might result in a flat tyre. Safety risks include slow punctures that could result in blowouts at high speeds. Early detection, though, can lessen this danger. Make sure you frequently check the state of your tyres.

What kinds of punctures are fixable?

Only the treaded portion of a tyre, which comes into touch with the road surface, is acceptable for repairs. Considered "small repair zones," these include. In "important repair zones," such as the sidewall, or any other sections, repairs are not allowed.

Typical Reasons for Tire Punctures

Depending on the size of the tyre, a sharp object puncturing it while it is in motion is the most frequent cause of a tyre puncture.

A tyre puncture could also result from the following factors:

  • a tire's valve stern failing.
  • rupture of the connection between a tyre and rim as a result of hitting something outside.
  • excessively worn-out tread that could cause a tyre to blow out or have road debris rip the tyre apart.
  • Services for Tyre Repair accessible from National Tires and Autocare

At National Tyres and Autocare, qualified, experienced, and certified tyre technicians perform the following tyre repair and maintenance services:

  • Puncture fixes
  • balancing wheels
  • Wheel positioning

repairs for damage caused by nails, glass, or metal puncturing the tread

tyre pressure examinations

To schedule a "tyre health check-up," call or drive to the nearest branch right away. Your life is valuable. As well as how well your tyre is doing.

Puncture repairs are done in compliance with NTDA and BSAUl59 requirements, which state the following:

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