Vehicle Information Make: Not Available, Shows the Make of the vehicle.,Ford Model: Not Available, Shows the Model of the vehicle.,Fiesta Colour: Not Available, Shows the Colour of the vehicle.,Grey Vehicle Type: , Shows vehicle type,Car Body Style: , Shows the body type,SUV Fuel Type: Not Available, Shows the Fuel Type of the vehicle.,Diesel BHP: ,Shows the Brake Horse Power,160BHP Top Speed: MPH,Shows the vehicles top speed,113 MPH 0-60 MPH: Secs,Shows vehicles 0-60MPH Acceleration speed,11.3 Secs Insurance Group: ,Shows the insurance group of the vehicle,Group 16 V5C Issue Date: Not Available,Shows the last changed date of V5C document,11th Sept 2020 Year: Not Available,The year of the vehicle,2014 Vehicle Age: Not Available,The age of vehicle in years and months,10 years 4 months Date of Registration: Not Available,When the vehicle was first registered,06 September 2010 Cylinder Capacity: Not Available,The cylinder capacity of the vehicle,1390cc Mileage Information Last Record: Not Available,Last recorded mileage record with date,110143 mi (15 Jun 2020) Average Yearly Mileage: Not Available (Not Available),Average yearly mileage of vehicle with a message to show if vehicle mileage is average,11300 (above average) Estimated Mileage Now: Not Available,The estimated total mileage of the vehicle now,117100 mi ALERT: WP Charts and Graphs – WordPress Chart Plugin needs to be installed and actived for mileage graph feature, you can download this at,Graphical mileage graph - graph colour can be changed (hexcolor=) and type= can be changed to linechart/barchart Outputs mileage graph, MOT


,Displays MOT title with red/green tick/cross image based on MOT status,(tick)/(cross) MOT MOT Due Date: Not Available,The date next vehicle MOT is due,14 Jun 2021 Days Left: Not Available,How many days until next MOT due,139 days left Previous MOT Records: Not Available,Total MOT records a vehicle has,9 Last MOT Date: Not Available,The last MOT date of the vehicle,15 Jun 2020 MOT Status: Not Available,Vehicles current MOT status,Valid TAX


,Displays TAX title with red/green tick/cross image based on TAX status,(tick)/(cross) TAX Road Tax Status: Not Available,Vehicles road tax status,Taxed/Untaxed/Sorn Road Tax Due: Not Available,Date when road tax renewal is due,01 Apr 2021 Road Tax Days left: Not Available,How many days until road tax is due,65 days left co2 Emissions: Not Available (Not Available),Co2 emissions and marker,144 (F) Twelve Month Tax Cost: £Not Available,Estimated twelve month tax rate,£165 Six Month Tax Cost: £Not Available,Estimated six month tax rate,£90.75 ,Shows tax band image based on Co2 marker,Displays image MOT HISTORY No MOT Records To Display..,Displays last MOT record, ,Displays MOT record 1, ,Displays MOT record 2, ,Displays MOT record 3, ,Displays MOT record 4, ,Displays MOT record 5, ,Displays MOT record 6, ,Displays MOT record 7, ,Displays MOT record 8, ,Displays MOT record 9, ,Displays MOT record 10, ,Displays MOT record 11, ,Displays MOT record 12, ,Displays MOT record 13, ,Displays MOT record 14, ,Displays MOT record 15, ,Displays MOT record 16, ,Displays MOT record 17, ,Displays MOT record 18, ,Displays MOT record 19,