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Are you looking for the Suspension services for your vehicle?


The suspension system of your car keeps the vehicle in control and provides a smooth ride. Maintaining your automobile’s suspension in its optimum state ensures the following:

  • Great handling experience.
  • Proper steering stability.
  • Optimum friction between the tyres and the road.
  • Absorbs and dampens shocks with shock absorbers and struts, thereby providing a comfortable ride.
  • Prevents premature tyre wear.

Suspensions systems comprise several components, all crucial to the expected top-notch performance of your vehicle. Hence, a damaged car suspension system Aldershot must be identified, repaired or replaced. For this purpose precisely, G Force Tyres’ automobile workshop is popular in Aldershot. Our experts can identify the faults with the components of your car’s suspension such as springs, shock absorbers, bushings, joints, etc. and provide the necessary services.

What signs indicate suspension problems?

Bumpy rides:

The shock absorbers and struts in your vehicle are meant to ensure a smooth and bump-free ride. However, if you start experiencing a bumpy ride, it indicates a possible problem in these essential components. It is, therefore, ideal to check your car’s shock absorbers Aldershot.

G Force Tyres has a dedicated team of experts who provide top-notch services of car suspension system Aldershot. Hence, you can reach us and get shock absorbers and other key suspension components checked and repaired accurately.

Vehicle pulls to one side:

This common problem arises when wheels are misaligned or a fault with the shock absorbers. If you find it difficult to diagnose the exact issue yourself, it is recommended to avail the services of an authorised automobile repairing garage nearby.

One corner of the car sits too low:

Damaged or worn out springs are to be blamed for this particular issue. You can further confirm it by pushing your weight on the boot of the car. If you hear a squealing or creaking sound, it is time for a thorough suspension check without any further delay.

Difficult steering:

If there is any problem with the suspension, you may experience noticeable steering difficulty. It usually happens when the control arm bushing wears out.

Oily shock absorbers:

If your car’s struts or shock absorbers appear greasy, it is possibly due to an oil leak, which can lead to a drastic loss of vehicle control.

Irrespective of the issue, our team’s expertise allows them to tackle all problems efficiently and swiftly.

Searching for a reliable suspension repairing garage Aldershot?

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You can breathe easy now with G Force Tyres. Feel free to book an appointment with us for accurate repairs and maintenance of your automobile’s suspension. Reach us by calling on 01252323077 or 01252312609. You are also welcome to talk to us in person by visiting out workshop at 183 Ash Road, Aldershot, GU12 4DD, UK.

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