Car ownership can be costly for a business. There is not just the initial cost associated with buying the vehicle to consider about however there are other ongoing costs to be considered as well. In addition to the cost of fuel, car insurance as well as road taxes, vehicle owners will more than likely have spend money on the annual MOT examination and service every year. In the event that the test reveals any problems that the car is experiencing and the vehicle, there will be significant repair costs to cover also. As a car owner who is also with one of the testers for MOT, I’ve several suggestions for you keep your cost down and get an affordable MOT or service that doesn’t compromise your security.

What is an MOT?

If you’ve owned a car, you’ve probably heard of the need to have it checked to the MOT every year. However, do you really have a clue about what an MOT and what transpires during one? MOT is the acronym in the form of Ministry of Transport. It is the government agency that introduced the first MOT test in the year 1960 in order to check the safety, exhaust emissions , and the road-worthiness of cars. Today the annual MOT certification comes from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The DVSA has a total of 66.000 MOT testers across the country , and they have to follow strict criteria for testing to ensure that only secure vehicles remain in the roadway.

How do I get an inexpensive MOT and repair

It is clear that the Cheap MOT Service in Ash vale is an inevitable expense for owning a vehicle However, there are some things that we could do in order to cut down the price and get an affordable test and repair.

It’s essential to note that, by trying to assist you get an Cheap MOT Service in Ash vale We’re not suggesting that anyone remove any vital safety checks off their car maintenance routine.

While you may not be able test every single thing yourself, these are a few of the things you can test:

  • Lights The lights get someone to make sure that all the indicators and brake indicators are functioning correctly for you and make sure that lights on the front of your car are in condition. Bulbs are affordable and simple to replace, therefore get any damaged bulbs repaired before heading to the test center.
  • Suspension – while you’re unable to perform a full suspension inspection in your home at the moment, you can put your weight on each corner of your vehicle. The car should be able to bounce back. If it doesn’t, you’re likely to have to get this examined prior to the MOT.
  • Brakes – problems with brakes tend to develop gradually which is why it’s difficult to recognize when they’re beginning to wear. When you’re able to safely do it you should apply your brakes while driving. If you don’t get an immediate response , get them examined.
  • Tyres – it’s very simple to test your tyre’s pressure and then fill them up at any petrol station. You can also test the thickness of your tread yourself.