It is common to search for the lowest repair price when your automobile has to go into service, so most of us suggest doing the same. Although workshops cannot charge more than a set amount for MOT inspections, the inspection cost is consistent across facilities. Gathering well-advanced is essential if you want to keep your MOT expenses to a minimum. Preparing your vehicle for its MOT can reduce the total cost of the inspection, especially if repairs are necessary.

Five simple things to check

An automobile can fail its MOT for almost simple reasons that have nothing to do with the vehicle’s ability to operate safely on public roads. It is not uncommon for vehicles to break down for relatively little causes that, if left unchecked, might lead to a much higher repair bill. Check these five items before taking your car in for a Cheap MOT:


Verify that any cracks and stains have been fixed and that there are no chips.

Tyre pressure and tread

Low tyre pressure can result in a failed MOT, which will cost you far more than the 20 pence to fill the tyres with air at a gas station. So you may save money if you check the general condition of the tyres and begin looking for replacements far ahead when you need them.

Seat belts

Verify that all of the seatbelts are in working order. Pass the MOT test; your vehicle must have no major mechanical defects, so if users know that one is not working, have it repaired first. The cost of taking the test twice might be avoided in this way.

Oil and fuel level

Ensure the oil level is in good condition and the dashboard shows no warning signals.


Verify that your handbrake is fully operational. Before taking it in for its MOT, check to see if users can fix any issues for a reasonable fee by calling around local shops.