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They might seem a low-cost option for your car, mainly if it is in a bad state, but worn-out tires risk an accident.

Tires are crucial in making sure that you and other motorists are in a safe environment. They are the only part of the vehicle that comes in close contact with the road; consequently, a lot depends upon their state.

What Are Part Worn Tyres?

Put they tires removed from the vehicle after being used and offered for use on a new car. In essence, they are second-hand cheap tyres. Some people find them to be appealing because they are usually inexpensive. However, they have some negatives.

Are Part Worn Tyres Illegal?

Within the UK it isn’t legal to sell a partially worn tyre. A law has been put to allow the sale of tyres, provided the tyres meet the strict requirements. However, the amount of used tyres sold illegally could pose a risk of danger for motorists.

A study conducted by TyreSafe found that 90% of all worn tyres they inspected were illegally sold – including 34% of tires containing dangerous types of damage.

Here at we are passionate about this topic and encourage drivers to get new tyres.

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe for Cars?

To safeguard motorists, trading standards have established the legal requirements for the Cheap part worn tyres in Aldershot that is worn out.

Part worn tyres must:

* Possess the EC approval mark and speed and load capacity index

* Have the word “PART-WORN” in upper case letters, at the minimum of 4mm in height.

* Do not cut more than 10 percent or 25% of the length of the tyre.

* Do not have any external or internal lump, bulge, or tear.

* Do not have any cord or ply exposed

* Do not have any damage to the penetration which has not been repaired.

* The tread pattern for the tire has to be at minimum 2mm deep

Although these regulations have been designed to assist in regulating the sale of used tyres the tyre that was damaged previously and then fixed can be sold is a cause for concern.

If you’ve considered buying a Cheap part worn tyres in Aldershot and suspect that the tyres available for sale didn’t comply with the regulations and regulations, you should be sure to speak to Trading Standards.