Gear Box services in Ash vale are one of the most difficult moving parts in your vehicle that is subject to a lot of stress. The engine operates within a limited speed range, and is only able to use energy within the middle range. The gearbox is required to convert the engine’s output to the appropriate speed and torque levels so that it can be used for driving.

It is a great opportunity for friction and heat to be produced which can be countered by gearbox fluid that lubricates the shafts, gears and bearings that slide across metal. Also, it carries heat away from the work surfaces.

As time passes through, the fluid is prone to get dirty, reducing the ability to perform its job efficiently. The more soiled it is the less efficiently it performs, which causes more friction and heat. This is a vicious cycle that you need to break your gearbox frequently to maintain your gearbox’s efficiency and performance… as well as be prepared to pay the possibility of major expenses.

This is why you should check your Gear Box services in Ash vale frequently between 25,000 and 35,000km in accordance with your driving habits and whether you frequently use your vehicle to tow. It is also recommended to check the recommended schedule of the car’s manufacturer and the car you drive, since certain models require more regular maintenance.

What is the service’s features:

  • Drain gearbox fluid
  • Check the fluid for signs of the presence of sludge.
  • The gearbox should be filled to the level recommended by new fluid that is of the appropriate kind and viscosity*
  • Examine the fitting of the plug as well as the drain plug
  • Examine for leaks and wear on seals
  • Verify the bushes of the shift lever
  • Check the clutch operation
  • Test the workings of a an engine that is serviced.